Rich imagination

Pleasant rendition Komanduri Seshadri.

Pleasant rendition Komanduri Seshadri.  

Veteran Seshadri gives scintillating performance.

An eminent scholar, vocalist and violinist of repute Seshadri rendered beautiful phrases of the raga with ease.

Nada Bharathi initiated a new activity of holding weekly concerts besides continuing its regular monthly concerts at Mahati Hall in Durgabai Deshmukh Colony, featuring young, upcoming and unexposed artistes along with some senior ones.

The spacious auditorium is well-equipped with a good sound system and other facilities, congenial for a Carnatic musician to perform.

Detailed essay

The first concert, held last week, was by veteran Sri Komanduri Seshadri, a vocalist and violinist of repute. He began the concert in the company of his son Rajan on the violin and Srinivasa Gopalan on the mridangam with a Darbar varnam

Janaki Ramana in Suddha Seemanthini was a pleasant number to listen to. He presented swarakalpana, going in for some complex rhythmic patterns. He then chose raga Sahana for a detailed essay.

An eminent scholar himself, Seshadri rendered beautiful phrases of the raga with ease. His choice in this was Rama Ikanannubrovarara, a rare composition of Patnam.

This number was further elevated with a pleasing swarakalpana putting to view the experienced vocalist’s rich imagination. Thodi was his main choice of the concert and was its highlight too. The raga was well-etched in all octaves. Sarasijanabha Murare of Swati Tirunal in misra chapu talam was his choice in this raga.

The kriti was pleasantly rendered and the nereval he did in it also carried the sahitya flavour.

Masterly touch

The swarakalpana that followed bore his masterly touch.

Rajan on the violin lent good support to his father, understanding the senior’s presentation. Srinivasa Gopalan on the mridangam supported him well all through with mellow play and his Tani Avartanam in this number was scintillating. Seshadri concluded his recital with a slokam in Sindhu Bhairavi and a couple of bhajans.


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