Pooja’s devotional chord

First teacher Pooja with Sushmita Sen during the launch of her latest devotional album.

First teacher Pooja with Sushmita Sen during the launch of her latest devotional album.  


With her heart and soul in music, Pooja Prasad says music holds a primary place in her life.

Pooja Prasad is just 16 and is already three albums old. Her voice is yet to get sharp but it resonates and casts a spell. Her parents, grandfather, uncle, guests looked on disbelievingly as she packed lilt, passion and intensity into each word as she sang at the Film Nagar temple recently. This budding singer, a std XI student, says studies are secondary and music occupies primary place in her life.

It all began when Sandeep Chowta, a close friend of her father (actor Jagapati Babu’s brother) suggested that Pooja learn music as she had a nice voice.

Her inspiration

She happened to see some live shows of Lata Mangeshkar and Pooja who was ten years old then, resolved to learn music. “My interest levels kept multiplying since then, but now I know for sure what I want to do. I didn’t take science in school as I don’t want pressure,” she says.

Spirituality runs in the family and with encouraging parents and grandparents, regular music lessons provided the child an enriched atmosphere. “My third CD is in the memory of my grandmother and it was released by Sushmita Sen. She is a family friend and she taught me my first song actually, nine years back.

It was a Spanish song. She promised she would come for the third CD release and she kept her word. She is a wonderful person and is herself into music. Sushmita believes in Durga Ma and wrote a song…ma durge shakti de. When dad went to Mumbai, he brought the lyrics, my music teacher composed music for it and I recorded it with my voice and sent it on her birthday. Sushmita was surprised, I sang the same for her on the release day,” says Pooja.

Love for music

Pooja finds music soothing, pleasant to the mind. She feels the more she listens to it, the better she can sing. She also enjoys film music. She adds, “I like the tunes of the songs, but I cannot say the same about the lyrics.”

She had lent her voice to the title song of the 20-episode television serial Shiridi Jai Sairam but at the moment she doesn’t want to rush into many programmes, she wants to enjoy music.

Future plans

Any plans for playback singing? “My uncle Jagapati Babu says there’s just one life and we have to give it our best and enjoy it. Music is like an ocean, I’m still learning varnams in Carnatic and I want to do well and make my parents happy. No movies for me, but I enjoy Shreya Ghoshal and Unnikrishnan’s singing.”

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