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AMAZING Kept the audience spellbound from beginning to end

AMAZING Kept the audience spellbound from beginning to end   | Photo Credit: Photo: K. Murali Kumar


The spectacular Maya Bazaar left the audience awestruck

The actual and biggest cause is burgeoning production costs

If one were to go by the audiencereaction, the play"Maya Bazaar" by Surabhi'sVenkateswara Nataka Mandaliat Rangashankara, reallyrocked. Loud applauseduring and at the end ofeach scene, whistles of delight,gestures of appreciation,and plenty of laughterpunctuating each scene. allended with a standing ovationwhich had to be interruptedby the director sinceit was going on for very long,and he wanted to say hisvote of thanks!

And considering the playwas in Telugu and the audiencehad many a non-Teluguperson, this saidsomething for the play'ssuccess.

The appeal could be attributedto many factors butmost of all, the spectacularspecial effects. Like -- arrowsshooting into the air;flying weapons of opponentswhich collide and explodemid-air, completewith big flash and bang; laddooswhich rise and land inthe mouth of the hungryGhatothkacha as soon as hesummons them; and so on!Also, innovative lightingtechniques which create anillusion of two differentworlds on stage as in Sasirekhaand Abhimanyu'sduet. All things which appealto the child in everyperson. Considering the lowbudget the Mandali workson and that hardly anymember is technically qualified,all this spoke volumesfor the group's creativityand ingenuity. The brightcostumes and beautifullyhand-painted curtains addedto the visual impact.Another factor was thenarrative -- all the charactersand the background circumstancesare drawn fromIndia's enduringly popularepic, the Mahabharata,though the actual plot is thewriter's fancy. The story revolvesaround the love betweenSasirekha (daughterof Balarama and Revathi)and Abhimanyu (son of Arjunaand Subhadra). Themain character is Ghatothkatcha,who thwarts the effortsof some elders tosabotage this alliance, andwith Krishna's guidanceand his own magical powers,manages to get the twolovers married.

Finally, the tight scriptwas helped by crisp dialogues,competent acting,and good music. The 135-minute play directed by R.Nageswara Rao, not onlydrew a packed-house on itsfirst two shows but also putup a third and late-nightshow on overwhelmingpublic demand -- whichwas a first in Rangashankarahistory!

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