Of foes and feuds

SPINNING A THRILLER: K. Madhu and Jayaram on the sets of `Rahasya Police.'

SPINNING A THRILLER: K. Madhu and Jayaram on the sets of `Rahasya Police.'  


Jayaram plays a cop who investigates a murder in K. Madhu’s ‘Rahasya Police.’

It is a fiery action sequence between a cop and a criminal that is being canned at the location of director K. Madhu’s ‘Rahasya Police.’ The location for the day is an abandoned house in a wooded area on the way to Thommankuthu near Thodupuzha. Jayaram and Riyas Khan slug it out for the cameras under the watchful eyes of the director.

Says Director K. Madhu: “The movie is a murder mystery set in a rural backdrop.” He adds that the key aspect in a thriller is the way the story and mystery unravel after the first half of the movie.

Veteran scenarist S.N. Swami adds: “Rajan, a sub-inspector, has to be on his toes to deal with the problems caused by a long-running rivalry between two rich and influential landlords called Kaimal and Parambath Raju.


However, things take a serious turn when a village lass Bhadra is found murdered. Raju is indicted in the crime but Chalai Mani, a local ruffian, saves him.” Jayaram, who enacts both Rajan and Chalai Mani, feels that though he has done double roles before, his characters in ‘Rahasya Police’ are different as there is a dash of suspense too.

“In fact, in my debut movie, Padmarajan’s ‘Aparan,’ although there was a mention of a look-alike, he never appears on screen. However, many mention that film as one in which I appear in a double role,” says the actor.

Riyas Khan, who made his entry into Bollywood playing a cop in the recent blockbuster ‘Ghajini,’ feels Mollywood pays a lot of attention to detail when compared to Bollywood.

Although, Madhu prefers not to use songs if they hamper the pace of the thriller, the director is considering including a song in ‘Rahasya Police’ if the situation demands so.

The film, produced by Kokers films, will reach theatres in July. Venugopal wields the camera. Still photographer is Jayaprakash Payyannur.

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