New shows on Makkal TV

Beginning May 12, the channel rolls out an array of new programmes. Timings of regular shows are also being changed. ‘Karpom Kanini,’ the new show, to be aired on Weekdays, 10.30, brings out many interesting facts about computers, to help homemakers operate the system with ease.

‘Sol Vilaiyattu’ aired at 21.30, will, from this week, be telecast at 14.00.

The new game show, ‘Mukkoodal,’ which introduces new Tamil words and numbers to viewers, will be aired on weekdays at 21.00.

Get to know what’s new in the market, the latest brands and so on in ‘Sandhai,’ at 15.30 instead of 14.00.

Also on the cards is a ‘Q&A game’ for book lovers on weekdays, at 18.03. The winners can take home loads of books as gifts.

‘Thiraikadal Odi,’ Tuesdays, 11 a.m., is for those in export business.

And join the panellists who discuss socio-political issues on a day-to-day basis in ‘Parvaigal,’ aired on weekdays at 22.30.

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