My Favourite Raga

love them all: Ghatam S.Karthick

love them all: Ghatam S.Karthick  

When I perform for a composition in a specific raga, that raga becomes my favourite

“Every raga rendered as an abstract improvisation invokes different emotions in me. I listen to a composition to get a complete feel of the raga. As an accompanist, the lyrics as well as the melody of a kriti inspire me. When I perform for a composition in a specific raga, then that raga becomes my favourite,” begins ghatam Karthick.

“Each raga has its own colour, feel and mood. Rhythmic approach can change based on the feel and content of any two kritis, even if they are of the same raga or tala (of completely contrasting flavours) it need not be dealt in the same manner. Establishing the right tempo and nadai can further be a completely different experience while accompanying a kriti,” he adds.

“Among the rakthi ragas I like Sahana, Thodi, Saveri, Begada and Varali. Ragas such as Shanmukhapriya, Charukesi, Hamsanandi, Dwijavanti and Kiravani also appeal a lot to me. I can also not do without mentioning vivadi ragas such as Nasikabhusani, Chandrajyoti and Chalanattai and scale-oriented ragas such as Amruthavarshini, Hamsanadham, Ratipatipriya, Srotaswini and Sivaranjani,” concludes Karthick.


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