Grace and poise


Kuchipudi by Kalakshetra students was the highlight of the World Dance Day celebrations.

Members of A.P. Dancers Association and Vizag Dancers Society jointly celebrated World Dance Day (April 29) at Kalabharati with the chief patron of Kuchipudi Kalakshetra Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar in the chair.

The recital in the typical Kuchipudi format presented by the Kalakshetra students marked the evening. It got off to a delightful start with the invocation Jayamujayamu (Bilhari — Aadi) by Bharati, Viswashanti and Swarna Latha. Then followed the Vasantha Swarajithi spiritedly presented by child artistes Anuradha, Mithila, Kalyani, Chandini and Choodamani.

Surfacing an aesthetic blend of nritta, nritya and natya gracefully with lucid expression, K. Parvathavardhani presenting Sivastuti and an Ashtapadhi of Jayadeva (both in Ragamalika set in Aaditalam) danced her way into the hearts of the audience. Similarly captivating were the solos presented by other senior students, Mandookasabdham (Raagamalika — Aadi) by Subbaraju, Aanandatandavam (Raagamalika — Aadi) and Annamayya’s Palututenelathalli (Abheri — Khandachapu) by N.L. Prasuna.

Interspersed in between were Brindavananilaye (Reethigowla — Aadi) rendered inspiringly by juniors Choodamani, Kalyani, Chandini, Swetha and Mithila followed by Paramapurushudu of Annamayya (Mohana — Aadi) by Anuradha, Bharati, Swarnalatha, Viswashanti, Prathyusha and Nikhitha.

Nattuvangam was expertly executed by Hariramamurty in the expert company of L. Kanthilal on mridangam and vocals melodiously rendered by B. Varahalu. A. Satyavishal on violin and T. Atchutharao on flute rendered good support. Makeup by K. Sudha was good.

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