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Better late than never Raman Kapoor.

Better late than never Raman Kapoor.  


Singer Raman Kapoor makes his musical debut at the age of 60.

When I started I wasn’t thinking of a career in music.

Age is not on his side but his passion is on the right course. You are never too late to follow your dream, and that’s a thought singer Raman Kapoor strongly endorses. At an age considered ripe for retirement, Kapoor chose to embark on a new career as a singer. His debut album, ‘Kyoon Toone Dil Ko Toda’, was released in the Capital recently with much fanfare, in the presence of some well-known faces. The nine-track album has three sad songs, the rest being pop numbers, but all of them speak about love.

Wearing a colourful beret, a pair of diamond studs and sporting a ponytail that completes the hep look, Kapoor looks visibly excited. His smile widens with every compliment that comes his way. Sitting down for a quick chat at Le Meridien, he is candid about his life. “Though I was always passionate about it, I was more of a bathroom singer. I spent my early years setting up a successful export business in Germany and didn’t have the time to take up music seriously. But when my sons took over the business, they wanted to come back to India and settle here. It’s only after we moved to Delhi that I felt it is time I let my dreams take over,” explains the 60-year-old who can give any youngster a run for his money with his energy and gusto.

The album was in the making for nearly two years, and most songs have been composed by the Delhi-based Satish Sharma. Kapoor moved to Mumbai to complete the album and find a producer, and that’s when he met Bhushan Kumar from T-Series. “He agreed to produce it and even introduced me to Nikhil. The three songs Nikhil has scored for the album are each different from the other. More than the fact that he is a good music director, what I like about him is that he is a genuine human being. He is honest with his opinions. He told me that since I am not a trained singer, I should do riyaaz every day to improve my quality. And so far I thought I clearly had a good voice,” says Raman.

His age was never on his mind when he made the decision to cut an album and neither is he worried about competing with youngsters. “Somehow, it never bothered me. I didn’t think about it, maybe because I was doing the album for myself.”

Voice modulation and singing in high pitch were issues he had to work on. “Constant practice has helped me reach a higher scale than what I had started with. Thankfully, technology is always there to assist you,” he says as a matter of fact.

Raman is already working on his second album to be released within a couple of months, which he promises will be something to dance on. “I want to explore different kinds of music. I will even do a bhajan album some time later. Actually, when I started with the first album, I wasn’t thinking of a career in music. But seeing the response I have got, I am looking at it as a fruitful career now.”

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