Easy on the ears

For all semi-classical music buffs.

For all semi-classical music buffs.  

Review ‘Sankirtanam' is an easy listen for lovers of semi-classical music. RANEE KUMAR

S ankirtanam, a new CD in the market by Charulatha Mani is a bunch of well-known songs falling under the Carnatic classical genre.

Sub-titled, ‘Popular Telugu kritis' the disc comprises works of Annamacharya and Ramadas which strictly speaking are not ‘kritis' as such.

Interspersed with Thyagaraja kritis like Sri Rama paadama in Amritavaahini and Marugelara… in Jayantasri, it is a melodic vocal rendition easy on the ear with none of the embellishments and techniques employed in Carnatic classical music bogging down the listener.

Different treatment

Light singing makes all the songs more accessible to the layman like any film numbers with classical raga base. Sriman Narayana, Brahma kadigina padamu, Bhavayami Gopalam, Brahmam okkate, Uyyalaluguma (Sai Yachendra composition), Rama Daya judave (Ramadas) are more appealing than the heavy Thyagaraja rendered with the same breath and easy flow.

It required a different treatment to be appreciated in its true sense. The jacket of the CD has a few bloopers like Brahmam okkate being attributed to Thyagaraja!

The CD is worth a place in your library if you are just one of those semi-classical music buffs. Produced and marketed by Rhythem Music ( it is priced at a reasonable Rs. 150.

Light singing makes all the songs more accessible to the layman

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