Devoted to mythology

Mythological break: Praveena and Nikhita in a still from ‘Devi Mahatmyam.’

Mythological break: Praveena and Nikhita in a still from ‘Devi Mahatmyam.’  


‘Devi Mahatmyam’ completes 100 episodes on Asianet.

Serials based on mythology have never failed to woo television viewers. Of the many that reign over prime time, ‘Devi Mahatmyam’ is one that has managed to hold its own with its impressive star cast and interesting story line that draws inspiration from the Sanskrit Puranic literature of the same name.

Good over evil

The serial narrates stories that celebrate the victory of good over evil and the legends and stories that revolve around the avatars of the Goddess like Parvathy, Mookambika Devi, Chottakkinara Devi, to name some.

The first mythological serial under the banner of Sree Subramanya Enterprises (the makers of the hit ‘Kadamattathu Kathanar’), ‘Devi Mahatmayam’ has completed a year on Asianet.

Explaining what motivated the banner to move to mythology, executive producer S. Karthikeyan says: “The closely interlinked storyline of Devi Mahatmyam with Shiva and Vishnu Puranam has a different charm in terms of treatment and presentation. We are trying to make programmes that are different from the usual soaps.”

Karthikeyan adds that special effects and computer graphics by Mahesh Keshav have been used to show ‘Kailasa’ or ‘Brahma Lokam.’

Selection of stories is done through joint discussions involving the producer, director and a team of writers and advisors. As the stories are based on popular religious texts, the production house takes the help of a Chennai-based group of experts to ensure that the stories remain as close as possible to the texts.

Says Karthikeyan: “Planning and conceptualisation of the serial began a year before the start of the shoot.” A lot of attention is also give to the music and songs in the serial. Lyrics by O.N.V. Kurup, S. Ramesan Nair and Chunakkara Ramankutty have been composed by M.K. Arjunan, M.G. Radhakrishnan, Sarath and R. Somasekharan. Playback singers Sujatha, Swetha, Madhu Balakrishnan and Manjari have rendered the songs.

Talking about the challenges of making a mythological, director Viji Thampi says: “It is difficult to find the right cast to portray mythological characters. Moreover, dialogues and language need to be handled with care. While canning outdoor shots, one has to scan each frame to ensure that posters, street lights and electricity lines do not enter the shots.”

‘Devi Mahatmyam’ is telecast on Asianet on all weekdays, between 21.45 and 22.15.

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