Chasing success

Udita Goswami.

Udita Goswami.  


Udita Goswami is back with four releases this year.

Ask Udita Goswami about her sudden disappearance from Bollywood, and she retorts she has been busy with other things.

“I was doing up my house in Mumbai. I bought a house in Goa and just recently bought a farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai in Kalote, where Pooja Bhatt lives. She helped me buy it,” she says.

So while there has been no work to show in the last three years, she has managed to acquire many homes. “I also felt the need to train at a method acting class. I realised in all my previous films it was about my look.

Now I no longer want to be another part of a successful film, I want to be the success in that film,” she emphasises.Armed with this and past experience, the sexy actor says she is much wiser now. The girl from Garhwal in Uttarakhand is awaiting four releases this year.

Up first is Zee Motion Pictures’ Dipak Tijori-directed Fox, a thriller starring Arjun Ramphal, Sunny Deol and her. “It’s a good role and a totally glamorous one.

I am the only glam quotient in the film,” she says, obviously alluding to the other female cast, Sagarika Ghatge of Chak De! India fame.

Udita plays the owner of a publishing house in Fox and apparently she managed to impress Sunny so well that he decided to cast her in a special appearance in his banner’s self-directed The Man starring himself and Shilpa Shetty. “I play a spy and have been given an ultra-stylish look with a Mohawk, specs, trousers and boots. I am very excited about it,” she adds.Udita also bagged a film last year with Akshay Kumar called Helloo India, a project that was delayed for four years.

Udita plays a U.K. journalist in the film. Her next film Chase with Maverick Productions is being directed by Jagmohan Mundhra of Provoked fame and stars Anuj Saxena with her. “This is a totally de-glam role. I play a nurse,” says Udita.

Udita is now busy writing her first story which she wants to direct. “It’s the nicest love story and I want someone young to write the screenplay,” she says.

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