YRF Music

A known name in the ad world, composer R. Anandh has come up with an album which is simple yet distinct. Using guitar riffs to great effect, Anandh's compositions suit the title. With lyricist Swanand Kirkire he makes an impactful team as both have a whimsical quality about them and it suits the mood of the film. It opens with “Lafangey Parindey” sung by Ronit Sarkar with the requisite rock attitude. It is followed by “Man Lafanga”, where Anandh brings acoustic guitar into play. Mohit Chauhan is at his mellow best as Kirkire effortlessly creates the waywardness of heart.

Though there is too much use of the two words that constitute the title, Kirkire is equally lyrical in “Nain Parindey” where Shilpa Rao's unique voice quality gives the composition a divine effect. It also proves that Anandh can deliver songs with a classical touch. The album goes downhill after that as “Dhatad Tatad” by Shail Hada and Anushka Manchanda and “Rang Dalein” by Suraj Jagan are too stylised to leave an impact. However, the instrumental piece “Born to Fly” has the drama to draw you to the rewind button. The album comes with a free MP3 of hit songs from films of Yash Raj banner.

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