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On a song Mitul Bhattacharjee.

On a song Mitul Bhattacharjee.   | Photo Credit: Photo: C.V. Subrahmanyam


Dance and music marked Bengali New Year celebrations.

Celebrating the 1416th New Year Day of Bengal (reckoned from the day of implementation of the changed timing of the agricultural tax collection — 693 AD-April 15/16 from the Bengali population in particular, perhaps by the philanthropic emperor Harshavardhana), local Bengali Association organised a cultural programme at the Maharashtra Mandali auditorium last week.

It started with a delightful show of folk, tribal (Bhatiyali), traditional and contemporary dances, aesthetically choreographed and directed by the president of the association, U. Panchali Benerjee who runs the dance school Nrityam besides being a teacher of the VUDA Dance School. At least 20 of their pupils of all age groups between 3 and 16 presented the dances in groups. The sprightly looking girls harmoniously executing perfect footwork in tune with swinging and swirly movements in the expression of body language, presented the dances. Deriving the attributes which characterise the tribal and folk traditions in particular, they danced their way into the hearts of the audience.

Then followed the musical treat, short duration recitals, by Shyamal Ghosh. Playing the harmonium, he absorbingly rendered a sloka and then Rabindra sangeet evocatively. Mitul Bhattacharjee next, made the audience go ecstatic with the presentation of the taste of Karaoke. She nonchalantly sang five numbers in perfect synchrony with the sruthi and the layabhavas emerging out of the orchestral music, pre-recorded. They were Bengali lyrical poetry replete with classicism and lokgeet set to exquisite music besides Rabindra sangeet.

Next, Debika Roy Sharma sang lokgeet, Bhatiyali and Rabindra sangeet with live orchestra, keyboard by Kalki Srinivas and scintillating beat on tabla by Goutham Roy complemented by electronic pads. Tanusri Chaterjee on harmonium with empathic intonation of the lyrical and musical phraseology provided the grand finale of the evening.

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