Anu Yathra for the devotees

V elukkudi Krishnan's Anu Yathras comprise a large group of devotees.

They travel along with him to places that are referred to in the Ramayana or Bhagavatam, where Upanyasam is rendered on topics relating to the respective location, followed by other sath sangh activities. The Kinchitkaram Trust (Ph:044-2499 2728), takes care of the planning and execution of the logistics with the help of volunteers. Email:kinchitkaram@

What is the idea behind such tours? “The devotees can relate to the topics much better when they visit the places where such events happened during the Treta and Dvapara Yuga. He cites reading the chapter on Vibheeshana Saranagathi at Tirupullani as an example. “Also it brings likeminded people together. Outlook towards life changes. Selflessness comes to the fore. You move closer to nature. Taking bath in rivers and temple tanks, chanting the Lord's name together and having food as a member of a large community increases the tolerance level.” The Sri Rama Anu Yatra 2010 guide giving complete instructions to the travelling devotees is one of the best documentation for group tours.

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