All in the family

Impressive performances A scene from the play.

Impressive performances A scene from the play.  

Theatre Two plays by playwright B.P. Prasada Rao showcased a variety of emotions and situations.

B .P.Prasada Rao is a talented playwright, actor and director; having many plays to his credit. Some of his productions have bagged Nandi awards. Vamsee Niranjan Kalakendram put on view his recent play Papam Prasadam. On the following day the same unit presented another play Naku Deerghamiste. They were staged at Thyagaraya Ganasabha, last week.

In Papam Prasadam, Prasadam (B.P.Prasada Rao) suffers a shock with his parents' death in a road accident. His grandfather Ranganatham, is now everything to him. The old man is worried that his grandson Parasadam refuses to marry. He threatens his grandson that if he does not marry in a month's time he will give away all his property to an orphanage and will live an ascetic's life. Prasadam plans to hire a wife and create an illusion to his grandfather. Finally he connects with one Sujatha (Surabhi Prabhavati) who agrees to play his wife for about ten days. After some hilarious comedy it is revealed that Sujatha is Ranganatham's daughter's daughter, but separated in childhood. The dialogue was full of repartees that Prasada Rao impressively wrote. He also displayed his histrionics skills playing the title role of Prasadam. Surabhi Prabhavati was at her best in presenting Sujata's role. Ch. Sarma popularly known as Bhilai Sarma played the role of Lawyer Ranganatham, Prasadam's grand father. P.Subba Rao, Malladi Gopala Krishna, Mallikharjunam and G.Appalaswami were in other roles.

Family ties

The play Naku Deerghamiste highlights the selfishness among people who always start their line with the letter Naa, symbolic of selfishness among individuals.

The play pleads to say Mana (our) in stead of Naa (mine). For this purpose the playwright chose a single family unit, in which every individual has his or her own way, but for the head of the family Raja Narayana Rao, who is a gentleman and large hearted. Panduranga Rao is Narayana Rao's only son but henpecked by his wife Kantham. Her father Joginatham, is the brother-in-law of Narayana Rao. But, Panduranga Rao's son Karthik is more attached to his idealistic grandfather Narayana Rao. The boy marries an orphan girl, while Rangadu, an illiterate boy, is brought up by Narayana Rao to be helpful in his old age. Narayana Rao constantly struggles to set the family down the right path. His only ambition is to enjoy the company of his grand and great grandchildren. But he has to celebrate his 100 {+t} {+h} birth day only in the company of Rangadu and breaths his last sans seeing any of his great grandchildren.

B.P. Prasad's portrayal of Narayana Rao was praiseworthy. Dasari Nageswara Rao was in the role of his son Panduranga Rao. P. Subba Rao was Joginatham. Ramaswamy figured in the orphan's role of Rangadu who stood by the old man till his end. Srilakshmi played Panduranga Rao's dominating wife.


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