A play in verse



Individually and as a team, actors of `Sasirekhaparinayam' shine.

Sri Sai Kala Niketan is atheatre body that getsplays with dialogues in versifiedform in Telugu, especiallythose dealing withepic themes. It has beenstaging such plays regularlysince it was establishedin 1994.

Thanks to the keen interestevinced by its foundertrustees, GantaAppalanaidu, ChowdaryApparao, and many a timeNandi Award winner B. V.A. Naidu, the staging of apoetic play (mostly Puranic)the second Friday of everymonth has come tobecome a regular featurein the port city.

The 172nd such schedulefeatured the play Sasirekhaparinayam,alsocalled Mayabazar, last Fridayevening. Members ofthe Tejeswary Naatya KalaMandali of Amudalavalasa(Srikakulam) staged it.Scripted by Kanvasri anddirected by Bagadi Rejeswararao,its staging wasaesthetically organised byApparao.

The director of the play,who was felicitated earlier,played the part of Abhimanyu,while G. K. Lakshmiwas Ghatothkacha, MaggiMohana Rao was Lakshmana,P. Sitaram playedSri Krishna, T. Amminaiduwas Balarama, A. Kalavathiwas Sasirekha, N. Lakshmiplayed then part of Subhadraand N. Santhi asNartaki. Individually andtogether as a team, theydid very well, sustainingscintillating tempo. G. Sriramuluon the harmoniumand G. Ramanamurty onthe dholak lent goodsupport.

Y. V. Ramana, M. Kondalarao,N. Simhadri andR. Kesavarao under theguidance of S. M. M. M.Krishna neatly manaall aspects of the play.


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