A comedy of errors

On location ‘Saradaga Kasepu' is a light-hearted film to keep the audience laughing. M.L. NARASIMHAM

V eteran at the game of producing hilarious slapstick comedies packaged with lilting music, Vamsy returns to make one more in the genre, Saradaga Kasepu for producer M. L. Kumar Chowdhary's Sri Keerthi creations banner. Based on a story by Sankaramanchi Parthasarathi with additional inputs from script coordinator Vemuri Sathyanarayana, the film which is nearing completion has ‘Allari' Naresh, Avasarala Srinivas and Madhurima in the lead.

Last week the ace director, who has an eye for aesthetics whether he is making a comedy or a thriller was shooting climax portions at the Himayat Sagar Guesthouse on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Apart from the lead trio, ‘Ahuti' Prasad, Jeeva, Jayaprakash Reddy, Krishna Bhagwan, Jayalalitha and Sana were spotted at the sprawling guesthouse which had been turned into a marriage hall for the purpose.

“Don't ask me who is going to tie the knot among the two heroes,” smiles Vamsy. Naresh and Srinivas start on a journey from Rajahmundry to Hyderabad to see the bride for one of them and during the course in boisterous merriment, they hit upon a silly thought that not only sets the rest of the story but also leads to a comedy of errors. “The aim is to make people laugh to their heart's content for little over two hours while they watch the film in the theatres,” says Vamsy.

Interestingly he rendered two full length songs in the film. “My music director Chakri liked them and insisted on retaining my voice,” smiles Vamsy. He considers Chakri's music a big asset for the film. For that matter Vamsy never failed with the musical score in any of his other films whether they have been composed by maestro Ilayaraja or Chakri or himself. “We shot two songs in Rajahmundry and a duet in Hampi and two songs in Hyderabad. I am also introducing a new lyric writer Praveen Lakmi. He wrote three songs.”

The focus turns on his actors. He is happy with the way they are performing. And it is cakewalk for the actors too as Vamsy's characters are natural without even a shade of melodrama. “Ahuti Prasad and Jayalalitha are the heroine's parents while Jeeva and Sana play the part of Srinivas's parents. Naresh has none. The story doesn't require a villain but Krishna Bhagwan's character has shades of negativity, of course shown in light bantered humour,” explains Vamsy before he moves to the actors to brief them about the next shot.

Producer Kumar Chowdhary is planning to release the movie in September.

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