A classic touch

Panduranga Sharma.

Panduranga Sharma.  

R.V. Panduranga Sharma’s vocal recital marked Nada Bharathi’s weekly concert.

Nada Bharathi recently organised R.V. Panduranga Sharma’s vocal recital.

He exhibited his guru’s classic touch in his concert. Sharma has large repertoire of krithis and follows a traditional approach.

His disciple Rajeev gave him a good vocal support.

Detailed treatment

Panduranga Sharma began his concert with Sreeganapathini Sevimpa rare in Sowrastra in a rich tempo with a brief swaram in it. After which Mapala Velasi in Asaveri of Thyagaraja was neatly performed.

Neat display

Harikhambhoji was taken for a detailed expansion. Sharma got carried away and it was a tricky situation for the artiste to realise that this ragam has a limited scope for expansion and has to be carefully dealt with. Dinamani Vamsha of Thyagaraja was neatly displayed.

Dharma Samvardhini in Madyamavathi was the next to come. Poorvikalyani was taken for a brief expansion where in Sharma sang Deva Deva Jagadeesha of Swathi Thirunal.

The swarakalpana was neat. The main attraction was Bhaiaravi and Sharma tried his best to keep up the pace.

Impressive Krithi

He chose Syama Sastry’s famous Swarajhati Kamakshi in Misrachapu. His rendition of the krithi was impressive. His neraval for Syamakrishna Sahodari was noteworthy with plain swarakalpana in it.

Sharma concluded his recital with Bhavayami Raghu Ramam a raga Malika of Swathi Thirunal.


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