Word power made easy

The Achilles heel of many a diligent student entering the job market is most likely to be his grasp of the English language. The ability to speak fluently and write well in the language is widely seen as conferring an advantage when it is time to scout for employment. Cambridge University Press has recognised the need for high quality learning materials and come out with a series titled English Vocabulary in Use. There are several levels of complexity in this series. It starts from elementary with 60 units of vocabulary reference and practice lessons, progressing to pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels. CUP authors Michael McCarthy, Felicity O'Dell and Stuart Redman have apparently trawled an extensive database of words to come up with those that are most likely to benefit learners at the different levels. The advanced level thus holds the promise of improving one's vocabulary by a not insignificant 2000 words and expressions, harvested from an amazingly large corpus of words, spoken and written, and analysed with the help of computers. These low-priced editions can be gainfully used for self-study or for group activity or in a classroom with a teacher. They take the learner through a set of activity-based situations, covering the frequently encountered words and expressions in the English language.The exercises relate to situations that have a distinct British cultural bias, but then the idea is to learn English from an authentic source and it does not get much better than this. There is also a helpful introduction and a recommendation for dictionaries and learning strategies.Contact: Cambridge University Press, c/o Foundation Books Pvt. Ltd., No 21/1 (New No. 49), First floor, Model School Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai-600 006. Phone: 044-28291294 Email: > ; Web site:

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