What is the meaning of `mutatis mutandis'?

(K. Vijayakumar, Trichy)

First, let's deal with thepronunciation. The `u' in bothwords is pronounced like the`oo' in `cool', `pool', and `fool',and the ?nal `i' is like the `i' in`hip', `dip', and `ship'. The `a'in the second syllable of `mutatis'is like the `a' in `ask',`path', and `task'; while the `a'in `mutandis' is like the `a' in`ant', `pants', and `stand'. Themain stress is on the secondsyllable of `mutandis'. This isjust one of the ways of pronouncingthe word.`Mutatis mutandis' is a Latinexpression frequentlyused in economics and law.Its literal meaning is "thingsbeing changed that have to bechanged". This can be interpretedto mean "the necessarychanges having beenmade". For example, if youwere to say, "The same agreementwill, mutatis mutandis,be given to each manager inthe organisation," what youmean is that the agreementthat will be given to eachmanager will be more or lessthe same. The only changewill be the name - eachagreement will contain thename of a different manager.


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