Walking down the friends lane

By Nandhini Renganathan

Walking down the friends lane

ST. FRANCIS DEGREE COLLEGE, AUG. 1. The month of August is here and it always fills me with hope and my spirits soar. And why? Hmm... Lemme give you a clue. It's camaraderie time. There is a sudden demand of yellow roses. Got it?

Yes! The month's first Sunday is celebrated as Friendship Day. This year, it's even more special as the very first day is a Sunday! What a wonderful way to start a month! My eccentric ideas of gifts ranged from charmed necklaces to cute teddies. Then suddenly it struck me. So simple, yet so effective! I would write about my friends. What better way than to put my thanks in words?

It all began when I joined K.V. Picket. The first few months went by in formalities. But, when we started knowing each other, it was an immensely joyful experience. We were five of us - The Famous Five! Vaishnaavi, Sandhya, Madhuri, Varsha and me. Vaishnaavi and myself were almost walking dictionaries on novels. Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Ludlum... you name it!

As far as studies were concerned, we never referred to books when Vaishnaavi was near. After a hour-long lecture on reflection, refraction and mirage, when we all came out with glazy eyes and heads throbbing fit to burst, she alone could come out as wise as the teacher! How she could recollect every teeny weenie fact taught in class still escapes me! In spite of being the smartest in school, we've never heard her boast about her intelligence, and over the years we became best friends too.

Sandhya and Madhuri were close friends. Sandhya was the peacemaker. When our tempers flared in all directions, she would bring sense to the situation. Her reasoning worked like magic on us. Her enthusiasm and smile were infectious. Oh! She has a great future in the United Nations!

Madhuri was the most inspired one among the lot. Apart from Vaishnaavi and myself, she was the only one who could speak incorrigible Hindi! She never missed an opportunity to study, and never got bored either! Her hard work would have put a bee to shame!

Hmm... Varsha was the talking machine of the gang. You just had to ask her a question and she would make you ponder over a dozen questions. Those two years I grew tired telling her to shut up! I'm still trying my level best!

Time passed in a jiffy and we were once again in an important stage of our life. Board exams. But not even the boring lectures of teachers about the exams stopped us from having the time of our life. It was as if time had conspired to keep us happy.

But this is life and separation is an integral part of it. Though each one of us was unique in our own way, there was one common quality that sealed our friendship for life. It was the mutual respect that we had for each other. Three years might be a long time, but not a day passes without my mind meandering to the great times we had, the days when we laughed so hard! It's a long and cherished memory. I've made friends for life and our friendship still shines despite all odds.

Happy Friendship Day!

R.V. Moorthy

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