Time to take guard

By D.V.L. Padma Priya

Time to take guard

ST. FRANCIS WOMEN'S COLLEGE, AUG. 1. Cricket is our self-proclaimed national game. It's a national obsession. Such is the hold of the gentleman's game that cricket stars are like Gods, worshipped and idolised.

Whether win or loss, fans like the players go through the same gamut of emotions. But, sometimes, this craze degenerates into what I would like to call `hyper craze' amongst some, leading to some very funny and eccentric incidents.

The reference is to the recent incident involving the upcoming and handsome bowler, Irfan Pathan. Two sisters aged eighteen and fifteen years ran away from home to meet the cricketer! They stole money and reached Vadodara, the hometown of the cricketer, where the eldest of them insisted on meeting the cricketer and propose to him! She apparently fell in love with `Irfi' when she saw him play on the `idiot box'. How idiotic!

Well, she seemed to be `bowled' over by him (or his bank balance!). Well, love really is blind! Or rather the girls were! How much like a fairy tale! But, fairy tales are nice to read. They can't be real.

The love-smitten sisters were on all the national channels and newspapers. Poor Irfan, he might have been embarrassed with all the fuss. Thankfully, the girls were seen on the television by their parents and taken back home.

There are still lots of people, teenagers out there who can't seem to differentiate between real life and virtual life. They seem to take everyone they see on the TV for granted. Had the girls fallen into the wrong hands what would have happened to them? But, how would they care for the consequences when they are so carried away by Bollywood yarns that invariably stitch a poor girl and a rich boy together.

There's got to be a limit for everything, including craze for sportspersons and actors. We have to think logically and not get blinded by our `love' for them. We all saw how fans can hamper the functioning of the law in the recent shootout involving Telugu actor, Balakrishna.

But then, I guess, life would have been really boring and dull if it wasn't for these star-struck people! Nevertheless, a word of caution. Guys and gals, if you love any cricketer please don't go to the extent of running away from the safety of homes.

It's a bad bad world out there!

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