Technical symposium

A NATIONAL level technical symposium, called Saimech 2004, was conducted recently at the Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, Chennai. Students from all over India submitted 114 papers. Of these, 22 were chosen by the association of mechanical engineers of the college.

The first session dealt with enhancing energy efficiency of the existing technology in automobile engines, alternative fuels for automobile engines, and topics on environment systems. In the paper `Expert systems in manufacturing', Crescent Engineering College students discussed how environmental management systems could control pollution.

In a novel project involving a catalyst coated lean burn engine with two spark plugs, a 350 cc-single cylinder 4 stroke-bullet engine was tested by students. These students of the Institute of Road & Transport Technology, Erode, attempted to show such an engine could have low emission levels.

Students of Priyadarshini engineering college, Vaniyambadi, proposed a different technique on waste heat recovery from IC engine exhaust through integrating a latent heat thermal storage system and a heat exchanger. This could prevent global warming by engine exhaust gases.

In session II, a project done by students of Vel Tech. Engineering College, Chennai, dealt with advanced systems such as direct numerical control, rapid prototyping and flexible manufacturing systems in car manufacturing industries.

Students from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, had taken up a project from the Directorate of Science & Technology. They had worked on determining the optimum parameters in the drilling of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Composites.

Students of the Tamil Nadu College of Engineering, Coimbatore, proposed a technique to handle materials within a given path or the routing.


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