Technical fete

The fifth edition of `TATHVA', the All-India technical festival organised by National Institute of Technology-Calicut (NIT-C), will be held in Kozhikode from October 15 to 17. Organised by the students themselves, the festival is a melange of technical and cultural events.

The technical contests and events of TATHVA aims at bringing out the best in youngsters and it gives them a platform to interact and innovate with like-minded youngsters.

This year, the laboratories will be open to the public on all the days of the festival. Children will be taken on guided rounds and basic concepts will be explained to them.

The paper presentations will cover many innovative approaches to everyday problems.

The Departments of Mathematics, Science, Humanities and all branches of engineering of the NIT-C will present papers and organise all kinds of contests during THATHVA. For instance, the Architecture Department will have events on clay modelling and fashion design.

The seminars involving experts from multinational corporations and Indian Institutes of Technology promise to be intellectually stimulating. Contests for schools will be held as part of a strategy to encourage scientific reasoning among students.

An inter-school quiz will be a mega event with attractive prizes for school students.

Visitors too will be able to join in the fun. They will be able to watch technical videos of the Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad on the big screen. They will also be able to see visually stunning and award-winning short films in the NIT-C theatre and view the Planetarium exhibit featuring a mobile unit and star-gazing sessions.

This year, there are a host of new events like online events and on-the-spot events. Participants of `Mech-O-Synthesis' will be given random components and tools and they will have to fabricate a model with that. `Gyro's Garage' is an event wherein the participants will have to devise a complicated procedure for performing a simple task.

State-of-the-art gadgets like electronic palm reader and voice synthesizers will be on display. Stalls featuring the latest software and technical products for sale will be put up on the NIT-C campus. Scores of on-the-spot competitions will be conducted for the public.

Some of the other contests in TATHVA are `Informals' (dumb charades) and an inter-collegiate quiz called 'Crossroads', conducted by eminent quizmasters. It will feature science and technology quiz, general Quiz and a sports Quiz.

Cash prizes worth Rs. 2 lakhs await winners.

J.S. Bablu

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