Seeking out top talent

Prof. Manjunath Pendakur has been teaching media studies in the United States and Canada for over two decades. The programmes that he leads at Carbondale were recently rated among the top 15 in the United States.He came to China and then to India for student recruitment. Top ranked recruits can get fee waiver scholarships, besides a stipend up to US $1,000. "I am looking for high quality international students for our university which has 25,000 students, nearly 8 per cent of whom are international learners from 105 countries. The college offers undergraduate and graduate studies in different media disciplines, besides research and post-doctoral programmes," he says.Recently, it launched an M.Sc. programme in professional media management studies. It comprises courses in media policy and structures, regulations, media management processes including advertising and marketing, in a global contest. The idea is to provide international students an experience they can take back to their countries and apply them to particular locations. By its very nature, the course has attracted not merely young students, but even mid-career professionals looking to upgrade skills and career chances, the Dean says.

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