Recruitment made easy


GETTING A job might not be as easy as clicking on a mouse, but looking for one has certainly become much more simpler.

Job portals are a boon not only for those who are hunting for a job and of course are net-savvy, but also for companies who want to recruit good workers, and recruit without much hassles.

One of the biggest advantages of posting a job online, through internet recruitment firms, is that that it brings down geographical barriers.

It also saves the employer the difficulties of approaching regional recruitment firms in far flung places, especially when one needs to fill positions in different places, says Ravi Dasgupta, Director, Human Resources at Allergen India, a leading pharmaceutical company.

"For example, we usually call for positions in sales and distribution and we might need people in rather remote areas.

In such cases, job portals can go a long way in cutting wastage and filling positions faster," he adds.

The benefits in time and cost may also be the reason why companies post certain jobs online.

"With regard to a job portal, we only have to pay an annual fee as opposed to recruitment firms to whom one has to pay per candidate and the cost involved may be higher," according to Mr. Dasgupta.

It is mostly the younger people who log on to the job portals to hunt for employment.

People in older age groups may not think of looking for jobs online or may be uncomfortable to go on the net.

Therefore most of the jobs posted online by companies are to fill junior to middle positions and not the senior positions.

However, more companies are opting to post jobs online.

Though the number of technical jobs posted online is not much, some engineering firms are taking help from internet recruiting firms.

Portals are increasingly becoming effective in getting positions for job hunters and the success rate is around 30 to 40 per cent.


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