Opportunities galore

Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati offers a wide range of under graduate courses for the students in the science stream. While B.Sc had till recently been an option considered only next to engineering or medicine, the number of top notch courses on offer has made it an attractive option.

Traditionally, the first option for MPC students has always been B.Sc Mathematics, dubbed the ‘Royal Group’, considering the wide range of avenues available for one to tread after finishing this course. The other options are B.Sc Computer Science, Electronics and Statistics, in that order of preference. Though B.Sc Organic Chemistry is also in great demand, experts dissuade students from exercising this option.

In demand

Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Genetics and Horticulture are some of the courses on offer for BiPC students that are in demand.

Though the options before them are less in number in contrast to their MPC counterparts, they offer a most-certain bright future for them.

B.Sc Biotechnology is a mutually-inclusive option where students from both the MPC and BiPC streams can take. All the courses are available in a mind-boggling number of permutations and combinations.

For those willing to take the less-trodden path, there are B.Sc courses in Geology, Automobile driving repairs and maintenance, Computer Hardware and Networking System for MPC students and Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (as a vocational course), Dairy Science, Sericulture, Fisheries and Food Sciences for the BiPC Students.


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