New at British Library

The following are the new additions in the British Library, Thiruvananthapuram. These books will be on display from October 31.

Agardy, F. J. - The Environmental Science of Drinking Water; Cope, P. - Creative Digital Photography: a practical guide to image enhancement techniques; Crawley, M. J. - Statistics: an introduction using R; Dobson, K. - Instant facts: Physics; Ewing, E. - History of 20th Century Fashion; Haddock, B. - A History of Political Thought: 1789 to the present; Hay, D. - Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday; Howison, S. - Practical Applied Mathematics: modelling, analysis, approximation; Lancaster, G. - Management of Marketing.

Leyland, P. - Textbook on Administrative Law; McAuley, P. - White Devils; Mingos, D. M. P. - Essentials of inorganic chemistry 1; Minichiello, V. - Contemporary Issues in Gerontology: promoting positive ageing; Mott, G.- Accounting for Non-accountants; Ryan, L.- Advanced Chemistry for You; Straub, P. - In the Night Room; Valberg, A. - Light Vision Color; Wakling, C. - Beneath the Diamond Sky; Winter, M. J. - Chemical bonding; Wodehouse, P. G. - Jeeves in the Offing.

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