Management courses from IGNOU


POPULARITY ON THE RISE: Students at an IGNOU convocation.

POPULARITY ON THE RISE: Students at an IGNOU convocation.  

MANAGEMENT PROGRAMMES offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) are becoming increasingly popular among the student community.

The number of students opting for these courses has gone up over the last few years. In most of the regional centres, management programmes top the list of the most-wanted courses offered by the university. "In Kerala, more than 3, 500 students are pursuing management programmes offered by the university," says V. Vasudevan, Regional Director, IGNOU, Kochi.

IGNOU offers various management programmes through its School of Management Studies. Started in 1987, the school now offers nine programmes. More than 50 courses are included in the curriculum. Each of these courses is equal to six credits

These programmes are offered on a modular pattern and in different combinations leading to a diploma, a postgraduate diploma or MBA.

The MBA programme consists of 21 courses. These include eleven courses in Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDIM), five courses from any one of the specialised streams, compulsory courses, one elective course and a project that is equivalent to two courses.

Diploma in Management (DIM) was the pilot project of IGNOU in the management stream. It comprises five courses. Topics included in the curriculum are management functions and behaviour, management of human resources, economic and social environment, accounting and finance for managers, management of machines and materials, marketing for managers and information system for managers.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PDDIM): The programme consists of 11 courses. Some of them are management functions and behaviour, economic and social environment, accounting and finance for managers, marketing for managers, and organisational design, development and change.

IGNOU offers specialisation programmes in four streams related to different functional areas. The courses are Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM), Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM), Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Management (PGDOM), and Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM). To qualify for a particular specialisation postgraduate diploma course, a student should complete five courses in all from the stream concerned. For the PGDHRM programme, the course curriculum consists of topics such as social processes and behavioural issues, human resources development, human resource planning, employment relations and labour laws.

Working capital management, capital investment and financing decisions, management control systems and international financial management are areas covered in the curriculum for diploma programme in financial management.

In the operations management course, students are taught topics such as operations research, project management, logistics and supply chain management and maintenance management. Students joining for specialisation in the marketing management programme will get to know more about consumer behaviour, sales management, product management, international marketing and rural marketing.

Master of Business Administration (Banking and Finance) is another major programme offered by the university. The programme consists of 21 courses.

Admissions to management programmes of IGNOU are done through OPENMAT entrance examination held twice a year. OPENMAT XIX is scheduled on February 5, 2006.

Eligibility: Bachelor's degree with three years of supervisory/managerial/professional experience or professional degree in engineering/technology/medicine/architecture/law/ harmacy or professional qualifications in accountancy/cost and works accountancy/company secretaryship or a master's degree in any subject.

For details dial: 0484-2340203/2348189/ 2330891/2533021.