‘Workout’ a career

The demand for aerobic instructors, gym managers and personal trainers is increasing and many institutes are offering certificate and diploma programmes

With the world being affected by recession, good times of “earn and burn” are over. Stress levels are at an all-time high. Young professionals who are the victims of such turbulent times are a worried lot. In times like these, physical and mental fitness has become more crucial. New career building opportunities in the physical fitness and related businesses are rapidly multiplying. The demand for qualified aerobic instructors, gym managers and personal trainers is exploding.

A fitness consultant is a person who is well versed with the human anatomy and different aspects of muscle strength and tone. A professional fitness consultant or trainer must assess his clients and design appropriate fitness modules for them. Periodic follow-ups with clients, establishing communication lines and long-term adherence to exercise are the rewards of a trainer.

The Sports Authority of India Netaji Subhash National Institute for Sports offers diploma programmes for physical trainers in Patiala, Bangalore, Kolkata, Gandhigram, Gwalior and Thiruvananthapuram. The University of Mumbai also offers physical training courses. Given the scarcity of formal study courses in this field, here are some of the institutes that offer certificate programmes: Gold’s Gym University (GGU), Leena Mogre’s Fitness Academy, K-11 Fitness Academy (Kaizad Kapadia) and Talwalkar’s Fitness Academy. GGU offers certificate courses in Fitness Management, Personal Training and Group Exercise Instructing.

Fitness academies conduct theory as well as practical exams. After being certified in India, trainers have the option of being certified by the American Council of Exercise (ACE). ACE stages examinations in Mumbai. ACE also offers group fitness instructor, clinical exercise specialist, lifestyle and weight management, and sports and nutrition expert certification. It is one of the most respected international bodies in the field of exercise and physical fitness. The exam is conducted on the same day in countries around the world.

Good prospects

A certification by ACE can open up opportunities to work abroad as well. The basic qualification required for certification is a Class X or Class XII school-leaving certificate. There is no specific body or ideal muscle mass that makes one eligible for certification. However, gyms do insist on physically-fit floor instructors and trainers.

A certified floor trainer starts off with a decent salary. Depending on the number and social profile of clients and their time schedules, personal trainers can easily earn Rs. 20,000 per month.

With additional certification and experience, monetary rewards get better. International certification may fetch a job abroad where possibilities for fitness trainers are infinite. With good networking with other professionals in related fields and experience, you may start your own gym.

There are other options such as expanding into the manufacturing of fitness equipment.


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