Linking up with science


Read on what it says about the first topic of its "link low-down" series, Science.

"Aimed at policy makers, science practitioners and enthusiasts, the BC web site provides online publications and resources that keep readers up to date on developments in science — both in the United Kingdom and around the world.

``There's something for every science enthusiast — starting with extensive information snippets and links for policy makers that covers the worldwide projects supported by the U.K. in over 60 countries.

With elaborate examples and policy notes, the web site provides the opportunity to build partnerships and a wider awareness of science in the U.K.

``Encouraging scientific links and collaborations: If you are a researcher, scientist or an engineer, the science web site gives you the platform to forge collaborations and scientific links through programmes such as the International Networking for Young Scientists that encourages and facilitates direct contact between young researchers. It supports face-to-face meetings between young scientists and engineers from the U.K. and other countries. This is where you can exchange ideas, knowledge and information and build international connections that assist the innovative process.

``From partnership programmes to online publications and resources, the web site comes packed with special features on the latest trends and technology. Dedicated to the cause of science in culture and for Generation Next, we've listed out the latest events, exhibitions, debates and seminars across the globe... "

The web site offers access to online journals such as Health Insight that contains regular updates on the latest in medicine, health practices and government health policies. The latest breakthrough research findings and news will find a place here, we learn.

Click on the DNA 50 link and learn more about the double helix structure of DNA and the 50th anniversary of that landmark research finding.

There is also personalised information available through a health team for professional expertise on health-related activity, Connecting reports. The effort is to make information on opportunities available widely.

This library on the Internet has a stated goal of disseminating scientific knowledge in the public domain.

The Public Library of Science (PLoS) describes itself thus: a non-profit organisation of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a public resource.

Its goals are as follows:

Open the doors to the world's library of scientific knowledge by giving any scientist, physician, patient, or student — anywhere in the world — unlimited access to the latest scientific research.

Facilitate research, informed medical practice, and education by making it possible to freely search the full text of every published article to locate specific ideas, methods, experimental results, and observations.

Enable scientists, librarians, publishers, and entrepreneurs to develop innovative ways to explore and use the world's treasury of scientific ideas and discoveries.

With its stress on properly reviewed and well researched papers being chosen for publication, this is another resource that is sure to assume an important role in the quest for information on scientific research, sans borders.

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