How is the word `phlegmatic' pronounced?

(S. Vibha, New Delhi)

The `ph' in the ?rst syllablesounds like the `f' in `?sh',`feel' and `full'; the `l..e..g' thatfollows sounds like the word`leg'. The following syllable ispronounced like the word`mat', and the ?nal `ic' is likethe `ic' in `picnic' and `fantastic'.The main stress is on thesecond syllable `mat'; theword sounds like `?egmatic'.The word is normally usedto talk about an individual'stemperament. When you saythat someone is phlegmatic,what you mean is that personremains cool under pressure.He remains unemotional.*As expected, the championremained phlegmaticthroughout the tense ?fth set."Opinions are like feet. Everybody'sgot a couple, andthey usually stink." - Jim SlatteryS. UPENDRAN

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