How is the word "idyll" pronounced?

(N. R. Nadgir, Hyderabad)

The word can be pronounced in two different ways. The British tend to pronounce the "i" and the "y" like the "i" in "sit", "chit", and "hit". The Americans, on the other hand, tend to pronounce the "i" like the "y" in "by" and "my". In both cases, the main stress is on the first syllable. A short piece of prose which describes a happy scene in the countryside is usually referred to as an idyll. Nowadays the word is being used to refer to any pleasant scene or event. When you say that something is "idyllic" what you mean is that it is like an "idyll". In other words, it is very pleasant and peaceful.

*This would be an idyllic setting for our school.

*He was hoping that he would have an idyllic marriage.


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