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``Here I am (back with you) to rock you like a hurricane... '' now that's GG's style of announcing his arrival in a typical `Scorpions' mood early morning of this third Monday of the month... just to be with you. And hey, it's also a special Monday in history and let me start off with some `thought provoking trivia' which goes like this... it was exactly on this very day way back in 1789, Georgetown University became the first Catholic college in the U.S. to be established in what is now called Washington D.C. And to give you a bit of one of those what I call ``the cool things that keep happening... '' it was on this day in 1973, Neil Young interrupts his concert to read a message handed to him, announcing the signing of the Vietnam peace accord and goes on to say "Peace has come" triggering off a ten-minute celebration by the audience after which he launches into his single `Southern Man'. Well, achieving peace is indeed great as it really is the need of the hour and it simply warrants celebration at any time. Alright folks, with those lines let me roll out all the gyan that I've for you today:Let's say a big `hi' to my good friend Deepthi (I am sure you guys remember this intelligent dudette who had mailed in with keen questions and got all the gyan from the one & only GG!), who says `hats off' to GG as she thinks that GG is simply cool and the gyan is super cool and thoughts written are encouraging students like her. (Merci beaucoup dudette! And hey... you stay addicted to E-Plus) She tells me that as the new year dawned she wanted to do an additional course through correspondence and as she is always interested in Psychology she wanted to know whether she should take up a B.Sc. or B.A. course. Well Deepthi, based on what GG's `expert friends' say there is some difference between the two courses technically in the curriculum as B.Sc. deals more with scientific approach and hence gives you a headway into Social Psychology and Corporate Psychology and many recognised universities do offer this course. And keeping in mind that you are doing your M.Sc. environmental science you could well take this science-based move. To answer the second part of your question ( she has also been advised to concentrate on her M.Sc first and then look further), I would say they are right too... and hey, you need to do what I call `mapping your career' based on what your interests, goals are and where exactly you would want to see yourself in 3 - 5 years from now. This will give you a clear picture so as to know whether you would have the time to devote to anything beyond your regular course and on the other hand ... the answer is yes, you can get to do your Ph.D in environmental science after your current course. So dudette, hoping that this little bit of gyan from me will make you think clear and feel happier than the first time I answered your query... wish you all the very best. Let's welcome Balakrishnan S. who has completed his BCA. He tells me that he is interested in pursuing a PG course in `Cyber Crime' and wants to know where to start. Well Balki, all you need to do is to log onto > and there you will find a suitable course for yourself as your interest warrants you to get into a law course associated with cyber crime. Cyber Law College in association with KLE Society Law College offers through their courses the Corporate Employment Opportunities for Law Students by bringing together the companies who look for `Legal Compliance Officers' as well as `Legal BPO Professionals', with the students having the desired skill sets. The students will also be provided necessary soft skills training to make them employable in the industry. You can get to do one of those certificate courses in Cyber Laws, Techno Legal Cyber Security, etc. (GG thinks that we are gonna have our own ace `cyber lawyer' in our E-tribe very soon!) Deeksha doing her 12th in SBOA Anna Nagar (who is a regular reader of E-plus) tells me that E-plus is really informative and GG really rocks (That's exactly we are cut out to do and hey, it really feels good to know from your lines that we are getting there... thank you dudette!) and wants to know all about Architecture. Well Deeksha, architecture combines aesthetics and creativity in the application of engineering principles to the design of technical systems of buildings, including their mechanical, electrical and structural aspects. Creation of landscapes, roads, bridges and townships are also in your purview as an architect, making your role very significant in the development of the society. The B. Arch programme will normally include theory and studio-based courses on History of Architecture, Design of structures, Materials and Construction, Architectural Drawing, Computer Design and Architectural design. Opportunities are aplenty as you could get to be a self-employed professional and as well as employed in CMDA, PWD, Railways, etc. All the very best.I sign off right here just to be back with you next week... and hey, till then stay addicted to E-plus; remain hungry for GG's gyan; keep the E-Tribe rockin' @ campus and don't you ever forget to keep appearing on my screen. Mail me at with GG in the subject line. YO,

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