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``Telling the future by looking at the past assumes that all other factors remain a constant. This is like driving a car by looking in the rear-view mirror... and hey, though it's an adventurous thing to do, I guess it's wise not to do that." With this thought, let me urge everyone @ the E-Tribe to look sharply ahead at the future that will be full of change. Ok... here I go with all the gyan for this week:

Say hello to Pradeep. My friend has just finished his 12th and has written the ATA, and he is waiting for counselling. He is interested in architecture. Talking about the opportunities in this line, boy! You've got plenty. Just look around you and you will know how the skyline is changing and `sheltering' is transforming itself in style... and it's the architects who shape those future angles in our living spaces. All the best dude.

Let's welcome Vignesh from Kanchipuram. My buddy Vignesh has completed his Engineering in Computer Science, but he feels that IT is not the field for him and wants to know if he could take up a course in advertising. (The most destructive habit is `worrying', and hey... life is full of opportunities and it's up to you to be smart enough to identify your potential and make the best move in tune with what it has got in store for you). So Vignesh, first let yourself free and easy to think and analyse carefully whether you really want to get away from IT, simply because you have done your professional course on that. If you are clear about that, then you can make the shift to advertising without a doubt... and hey, advertising is good and glamorous but at the same time it's nothing less than hard work, buddy. And you could check out Madras Advertising club who offer a good course.

Gautham, my friend, has written in just to thank GG for the gyan he got for himself in the issue dated July 19. (Now that makes GG feel motivated and committed to try and give the best of gyan for all the E-Tribe{lcub}hellip{rcub} you are welcome buddy!) And staying on with that gyan that was given to Gautham, we have got Kavitha who had finished her 12th and has decided to join ECE. She wants to know if she should take up courses on C, C++ and some gyan on that. Well Kavitha, it is good that you do the core concepts in your 1st and 2nd year of your professional course study, key technologies during your 3rd year and projects in your 4th year. Now that's the sequence that is suggested by GG's expert friends in the exciting IT training field. (Hey! It's really something to get the experts giving in their suggestions just for the E-Tribe. Isn't that great guys?)

Supriya thinks that GG is very stylish and the very name GG' is superb (Merci beaucoup!) She has finished her BCA through correspondence from Madras University and wants to know if she can take up MCA in professional Colleges. Well dudette, don't you worry because you can do just that. All the very best to you.

Ok folks! I just realised that I have skied right to the bottom of the page, which is exactly where I sign off. Stay addicted to E-Plus, remain hungry for more gyan, keep smiling, always look to enter the future nice and fine with the right key in your hands and don't you ever forget to keep appearing on my screen.



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