Green Ireland, grand Maynooth

Vignesh Rajendran

Vignesh Rajendran  

VIGNESH RAJENDRAN writes about how students and faculty share a bond at MU

People ask me why I chose Ireland as the destination for doing my master’s. It was a decision made with great care and after much research. Many of my acquaintances chose the U.S. and Canada as the location for their master’s. Ireland offers the best of two worlds. I was able to experience the European and the American cultures here in Ireland. The Irish people are very friendly and polite and go out of their way to help others. I got to expand my network and learn about the different working styles of the people here.

I had lived in Dublin for quite some time before moving to Maynooth to join Maynooth University (MU). It was quite different from Dublin, which is the most happening and vibrant city in Ireland. Maynooth is a quiet and small town. At MU, one can get to meet students and professors from all around the world. One of the main reasons why I love MU is that the faculty involve the student community in all the decisions they make. Students are the foundation of every university and Maynooth understands and respects this underlying fact. Suggestions and opinions by the students are received through feedback forms and surveys, and the university makes it a point to ensure that students have their own voice.

Trip to Glendalough

Glendalough is home to one of the most important monastic sites in Ireland. The church in Glendalough is the smallest in Ireland. Most of the buildings that one can see today date back to the 12th century; the Vikings destroyed the remaining ones, when they invaded Ireland. They are still preserved by the government and the local community to retain the greenery and the lakes. A small hike to the lake takes about 30 minutes and the trail, which leads to the lake, is truly amazing. This is one place I love to visit and go on hikes regularly.

For me, it is always about the people. As the Indian student ambassador, I get to interact with different people from the university, and each day has been a new experience. The hospitality of the residents reminds me of my own city in India. I love my country and city and it was hard for me to move to a completely different country. and on a different continent, Ireland has made it worth all my struggle and I am confident that it will reward me in my life at some point.

The writer is pursuing Masters in Computer Science at National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

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