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ADEVERTISING AS a career is for those who are willing to work for the first few years without expecting a fat salary.

The initial years of the career should focus on acquiring and honing one's skills in some advertising agency or institution rather than on monetary benefits.

But later, the candidate can diversify himself into various areas according to his/her preference such as copy writing, visualising, account planning, client surveying, researching or even film making.

These are words from Daniel T. Dass, branch manager, Advertising and Sales Promotion Company. He was addressing students of the Velammal College of Management and Computer Studies, Surapet. His topic revolved round the topic `Role of Advertising and Career Opportunities for MBAs in Advertisement Industry'.

The audience comprised final-year MBA students.

On the profession, Mr. Dass said: An advertisement should trigger attention, interest, desire and action (response in purchasing the product) from the viewers.

"Marketing is all about packaging a product competitively to the consumers. But marketing fails if it is not hand in hand with advertising. Without advertisement, a product cannot get its goodness."

According to him, communication is the basic aspect of any good advertisement. "No matter how appealing an advertisement is, if the basic point of communication (what the advertisement intended to convey) is missed on the viewers, it does not serve any purpose. The attractiveness of an advertisement is only secondary."

Sangeeth Kurian

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