All eyes on verdict

Now that the Government is firm on carrying out its pre-poll promise of 5 per cent reservation for Muslims, the question arises whether Dalit Christians, Christians in general and all other minority communities, who complain of unequal opportunities, in the State will reiterate their demand for reservation.

Though no group has so far come forward with the demand, observers and policy analysts predict such a fallout once the court verdict is out and the Government takes its decision.

The reason, they say, could be one aspect of the Rajasekhara Reddy Government's philanthropy towards one particular community - the absence of any clause of financial status or eligibility criteria for those who are supposed to benefit from the reservation.

Reservation, originally meant to be a package of constitutional provisions and their intended follow-up programmes for social advancement of weaker sections, has hardly stuck to its original definition in the country so far, they say, adding that if the real intention of the Government is to uplift deprived sections of society, the benevolence should be equal, and without caste or religious constraints.

"There are poor among all castes and religions, not just among Muslims, SCs or STs. And, if one section is given reservation in job opportunities and education, the same should be logically extended to others," says a student organisation leader.

But does the Congress Government think in that way?

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