Accidents waiting to happen

MAD RUSH: College students have no choice but to board overcrowded buses. — Photo: R. V. Moorthy

MAD RUSH: College students have no choice but to board overcrowded buses. — Photo: R. V. Moorthy  


Students blame rush hour and poor management of buses for footboard travel. And with bus stops overcrowded at peak hours, they have little choice but to cram into the few available buses

ANDHRA LOYOLA COLLEGE: The young man struggled hard, clinging to the footboard. Standing near him, I was afraid if he would fall. Travelling on the footboard is not enjoyable. People, particularly students, resort to this during peak hours. Students are more visible doing this as they rush to reach college in time. Obviously, their numbers determine the morning peak hour rush.When the bus is overcrowded, you have no choice than to do a `Batman' or a `Spiderman'. There were not less than 10 of us doing acrobatics to balance ourselves and avoid falling off the footboard. It was not a question of whether or not an accident would occur, but certainly a question of when. And the inevitable happened. Someone, who was standing next to me skidded and fell flat on the road. Fortunately for him the bus was not moving fast, else, the impact of the fall would have been grim.

No stray incident

Well, I do not think this is a stray incident that happens on a fateful Friday the 13th. We should not be surprised to witness such incidents often. And I am sure most of the passengers who travel by bus in the morning or evening hours will agree with me on this point. It is rather unfortunate that in the morning hours when the bus stops are overcrowded with students going to different colleges, we have least number of buses on the road. What angers me most is that the buses are not observing time schedules? It is obvious that there is no proper coordination in fixing the timings of the buses. Despite having relatively wide roads compared to several other cities, the city faces a situation wherein buses do not follow timings.

Sheer negligence

It is a clear indication of the sheer negligence of the people concerned. It should be considered a serious lapse since it leaves a good number of students and office-goers stranded in the bus stops. It is really alarming to see three to four buses going in the same direction at the same time. What baffles me is how these drivers can be so indifferent to the need of the hour. If each bus leaves a gap of 5-10 minutes, it will surely justify its very purpose in meeting the needs of the commuters. Students like me are the most affected. If we go to college late, no explanation will suffice. There were days when I had to wait 30 to 40 minutes to catch a bus. When you have to waste so much time in the morning to catch a bus, it spoils your mood to some extent. And then, you are there doing all those acrobatics that will attract the attention of even a circus company. It does not matter how you reach your destination, but making it is what is important.

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