A chance to go around the world


A chance to go around the world

I am interested in knowing the prospects of a career in the cruise ship industry. I have got a letter from a cruise ship recruiting firm based in the U.S., in reply to my letter written to it after seeing a newspaper advertisement.

The company has asked for an assessment fee of $ 39. Is it advisable to send the money? Please list out the pros and cons of a job in a cruise ship. — J. Sandeep Shenoy

A job on a cruise line is considered lucrative, permits you to meet people of different hues, and of course, provides you an opportunity to travel the world over.

You have not specified you educational qualifications. If you had, we would have been in a position to help you better.

However, you could join a cruise line in the arena of operations. But this does not mean that you will be in Food and Beverages Production. Jobs are good in the front office, house keeping, and F and B services.

Many placement companies are to be found in the U.S., which help those who want to join the cruise lines. The advantages of cruise lines have been spelt out.

The disadvantages include being away from your family three to six months on the trot. Of course, you will get a long leave after that stint.

The job is service oriented and you have to wait on the passengers if you are in the Food and Beverages section. This is an excellent opportunity for you if you have the aptitude.

I am doing M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology & also Diploma in Human Resource Management (correspondence course). What are the job opportunities for me? — Paro Rao

You do have a large number of opportunities in the private sector, and you could focus on the aspects of Training and Development, besides the other facets of HRD.

You can apply your knowledge to Industrial Psychology and focus on Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Development and Organisational Culture.

I am planning to study Mechanical Engineering (B.E.) or Aeronautical Engineering this year.

Will I get a job with excellent salary after four years? — Khaleed Nastar

One has to realise that no programme or course makes a promise to the learner.

The inputs that the learner provides unto himself/herself helps the individual to perform better as a professional.

Mechanical Engineering, being a programme in demand, should be considered, as you could position your career for a perfect launch pad. Aeronautical Engineering is a programme wherein employment opportunities are available as islands of excellence.

Students who prefer Aeronautical Engineering focus on the programme in a different paradigm.

While selecting the programme, do a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of the institutions that you want to join and then choose.

If you focus on the placement abilities of the institutes, you will be in the right place at the right time.

I am doing my second year science. I don't know much about the courses I can pursue in future. Can you help me? — Mohd Ahmed

You have not specified which programme of science you are presently undertaking. Science education in India has undergone a sea change from the pure sciences to specialised areas such as Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Sericulture and Genetics.

If you are interested, colleges offer you one year Honours programmes in different areas.

You can pursue them part-time and derive the benefits.

SHAHEED KHAN Counsellor.

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