When the judgement day arrives Dil Se

TENSE MOMENTS: It is a test of nerves for many a student ahead of the examination results.

TENSE MOMENTS: It is a test of nerves for many a student ahead of the examination results.  


Andhra Medical College: The restless vibration of the new Sony Ericsson phone broke the delicious slumber I was relishing that sultry afternoon. Like the sun that breaks the nocturnal frost, the new message I received, shattered the aura of somnolence and plunged my mind into an adrenaline storm. As moments passed, my self-confidence crumbled with paternal anxiety casting queries like fatal arrows. The results were out, and the anecdote is a reflection of the harrowing moments students go through on those judgment days.

The mood of results had set in much before the scheduled day with an uncertainty that mounted with each passing second. Enquiry calls to the university began and everyone held fast to their mobile phones and longed for the calamitous message. Net-savvy guys started exploring relevant websites while those who glued to TV, surfed the news channels for the scrolling that could change their life. In the midst of this hullabaloo mothers clung to the unrelenting chants like “You must improve from last year and must secure first division,” about a battle that had already been fought, while fathers got ready for an academic analysis that dealt with historical statistics.

Like the bob of a pendulum in violent oscillation, the revelation of the judgment triggered a whirlpool of extreme thought. The honk of a distant motor horn brought me back to reality and I reluctantly walked up to the Internet centre. The café owner, a good friend of mine, paid special attention by shutting down other systems in the small room that was fittingly named ‘Net Den’. The crowd around the computer screen resembled the viewers of IPL final who were at the edge of their seats. The over burdened network took repeated attempts to respond and the site that would open a new chapter in my life, opened. Slowly the webpage appeared and an outburst of emotion shrouded me. I passed the exam. But the percentage was far from satisfactory.

To alleviate my distress, my father did well to conceal his disappointment and called my mother to prepare vermicelli, that traditional festive dish on every occasion. Friends and relatives, who felt I upheld the ‘family name’, took turns to express their happiness. Moments of euphoria gave way to a prolonged lull and digging the chin into my palms, I began the retrospect to discover the mistakes of the past year. My mother interrupted the torrent of murky musing and uttered these words that had an enchanting effect “Success and failure are two elements that follow one another just as a day after night. Never get elated with victory nor depressed with defeat. It does not matter which phase you are in, until you are sure that you take the right direction each time your conscience is guiding you.” I took the advice and enjoyed the aromatic soup putting the iniquities of the past on the backburner.

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