What is the difference between `flip out' and `flip over'?

(R. Damodaran, Chennai)

The expression `flip out' is considered to be slang, and is therefore mostly used in informal contexts. When someone `flips out', he loses control of himself, and simply goes crazy. The expression usually carries a negative meaning. *Gupta flipped out when he saw his young daughter wearing make-up.*The young mother flipped out when she saw the mess the children had made.When you flip somethingover, you turn it over veryquickly. The expression canalso be used with people aswell.*Usha flipped over the dosabefore picking up her cellphone.*The hero flipped over,grabbed the stool, and used itto protect himself from theblow.The expression has anothermeaning as well. When youflip over someone or something,you like the person orthing very much; you becomecrazy about the person orthing. The expression is mostlyused in a positive sense.*Mohan flipped over Kamanathe first time he saw her.*Everyone flipped over the sambar my mother had made.

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