ALL SETThe founders Rajesh and Sheraz (right)

ALL SETThe founders Rajesh and Sheraz (right)  

The Bangalore Culinary Academy (BCA) is the first of its kind which offers diploma courses aimed at getting students trained professionally in the shortest time. Based in Hebbal, this institute is the labour love of Rajesh Nair and Sheraz Nair who are all set to open the school in June.

“There is a constant require ment from the industry for qualified chefs. We wanted to do something innovative and tap into a market which was less explored,” says Sheraz Nair on their inspiration to start a culinary school.

The institute offers diploma courses in Culinary Art and Food Production which is a 12- month course inclusive of industrial training and a Diploma in International Patisserie and Confectionery which is an eight-week course. On the eligibility criteria Rajesh explains: “Any education is only as valuable as the opportunity it provides you with, whether it is degree or diploma. We are looking at students who have completed class 12 and are passionate about a career in food.”

The fee structure for the course in Culinary Art is Rs.1,50,000 and the Patisserie and Confectionery course is priced at Rs. 2,00,000 which is inclusive of uniforms, protective gear, certification and other necessary equipment.

“Most youngsters today know what they want to do, so if a student wants to become a chef, then by joining a hotel management course they go through all the subjects that the course offers. Although this gives them a holistic view of the industry, it does not ensure that they get enough skills for the job they are training for. With the courses we offer, the students get 100 per cent training in their area of interest and can learn the theory and master the skill in a shorter amount of time,” explains Sheraz on how a culinary school is different from a Hotel Management course.

With food becoming a huge fad, Rajesh feels, “There is a demand for this field but most of them are unable to afford it. Every year lot of students spend up to Rs. 20-25 lakhs in terms of rent, tuition fee and education fee to go abroad to learn. They can do it with us for Rs. 2 lakhs.”

On their affiliation with City and Guilds, London, Rajesh says: “We wanted to offer something of value to our students with international standards.

Lot of students look for opportunities abroad and a diploma from an internationally accredited institute always sets you apart.”

The institute offers placement facilities for their graduates, “We are in touch with lot of chefs and leading hotel chains, they can come for campus interviews and suitable candidates can be selected,” says Sheraz.

The institute offers diploma courses in Culinary Art and Food Production which is a 12- month course inclusive of industrial training

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