The little ‘big’ thing

Pen drives cost anything between Rs. 250 to Rs. 3,000.

Pen drives cost anything between Rs. 250 to Rs. 3,000.  

Pen drive has become a personal storage device and one can dump game files, music, movies…what not

Papers are passé. Digital junk is in. If you don’t agree with what I say, then why is that pen drive peeping out of your pocket?

Life’s much easier when you carry one. Right? The pen drive, jump drive, flash drive, thumb drive, call it whatever you may, it’s become our personal storage device. And even though we dump our game files, music, movies…what not, it’s better than carrying DVD’s.

And Sahil Gupta, a student of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University couldn’t agree less. “Who wants to waste money on DVD’s and use them once. A good thing about the pen drive is one can use it with ease again and again.”

Today, with most lecturers giving away notes in softcopies, the amount of paper work has also been reduced for students.

They’re available like vegetables and fruits literally! And storage capacity of these small devices has also jumped quite a bit. From the itsy-bitsy 8 MB drive to the latest 64 GB (the latter is not yet available in the market) their storage capacity gets bigger.

Their popularity has also hit the computer market, as most of the vendors are selling PC’s with additional USB slots and have done away with floppy drives.

The two GB drive is available for Rs. 250, Rs. 400 for four GB, an eight GB pen drive is priced at Rs. 750, 16 GB at 1,500 and a 32 GB pen drive costs Rs. 2,800.

Moreover, pen drives with built-in antivirus’ are also available, it’s nothing new…but still an option for the ‘extra careful’, as the risk of these storage devices being infected with virus’ and worms are high. SanDisk is one such maker that incorporates antivirus software in the drives it makes.

So do away with that stack of papers and get a pen drive, contribute your bit to conserving the planet!


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