The confidence quotient

“Hey, a company is coming on campus for recruitment. But there again, he has only five offerings as against the 30 he had last year.”

This is the trend in almost all engineering colleges across the country. Economic crisis, cost-cutting and the freeze on recruitments have badly affected the placement trend and are the biggest challenge facing students right now, especially those from the 2009 batch.

Being in such a tight spot where there are several students competing for just one job vacancy, only those students with an exceptional profile walk away with the jobs. Even having a grade point average above nine out of ten is not going to help much in the placement scenario.

Therefore, the need of the hour would be to make oneself an all-rounder. Good academic records, a few projects exhibiting creativity, knowledge of subject-related software tools and periodic updates with the industry trends will make one stand out of the crowd and make him or her employable.

All these things cannot be added to one’s profile overnight just before the placements. It is a gradual process and one needs to start preparation from the second year itself. One can build his or her profile by going for internships to companies during the summer vacations, taking up projects within the department, participating in intra and inter-college competitions. Most importantly, one must be smart enough to identify and grab the opportunities that are present all around. In short self-confidence, self-motivation and the thirst for knowledge will help one attain great heights even in such a tough period for education and employment, and give students the needed courage to chase their dreams.

Preethy Krishnamurthy

IV year, B.E. College of Engineering, Guindy

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