Take that

How about writing about your classroom and your backyard that is your college campus? Heart-rending (heart-warming too) experiences that move you.

Incidents that stirred you or things you did not like. Youth festivals or workshops attended by management gurus, something that happened on the way home or ideas that strike you as important.

It could even be a theatre workshop, art exhibition or even a social event that you think has missed the spotlight.

Would you like to share with us the lessons that experience taught you? Is there an incident that you wish it gets its due importance?

Pen all those moments and touching episodes and anything and everything that captures the rhythm and heartbeat of college life and the spirit of campus life.

Here’s the chance to become the reporter of your temple of education and set the big ball rolling.

Who knows … you may one day be in the big league.

Send your write ups (crisp, short and engrossing) to > Please email the write-up in word format.

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