Students develop spatial information system

The final-year students of the Department of Information Technology, Sathyabama University, have developed a spatial information system for hospitals, clinics and other health-related services. The aim is to develop a semi-automated system for emergency management of Chennai city. The system provides emergency facilities available for the services of general public and generates a visual presentation of all these facilities in a map.

The quick bird satellite image of the Chennai city has been bought from NRSA, and with the help of ARCGIS software, different layers comprising road network, rivers, local rail tracks and areas are created and superimposed over each other to generate the map layer.

The entire raster form (satellite image) of the city has been digitized into vector form so as to facilitate easier search options for the users depending upon their queries.

The user interface is created using and the map layer has been interlaced with it using ASPMAP. More information at >

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