SASTRA Ramanujan Prize

The 2016 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize will be jointly awarded to Dr. Kaisa Matomäki of the University of Turku, Finland, and Dr. Maksym Radziwill of McGill University, Canada, and Rutgers University, USA.

Their recent revolutionary collaborative work on multiplicative functions in short intervals , has opened the door to a series of breakthroughs .

Their individual contributions have also been considered.

The prize will be awarded during December 21-22, 2016, at the International Conference on Number Theory at SASTRA University in Kumbakonam. Drs. Matomäki and Radziwill will share the $10,000 prize this year.

Kaisa Matomäki is one of the strongest young analytic number theorists in the world today. She established a number of significant results which are contained in about 10 research papers as well as in her Ph.D. thesis of 2009 submitted to the University of London which has about 30 publications on various central questions in number theory.

Maksym Radziwill, as an undergraduate at McGill University during 2006-09, wrote an undergraduate thesis on large deviations of additive functions , thereby demonstrating his superior technical strength at so early a stage of his career.

His exceptional PhD thesis at Stanford University submitted in 2013 was written under the direction of Prof. Kannan Soundararajan who won the first SASTRA Ramanujan Prize in 2005.

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