Resist your temptations

Many students feel that allocating time for studies every day is a dreary responsibility forced on them. But one should know that a work becomes ‘hard’ for two reasons: Firstly when you are unable to perform it beyond your physical capacity; and secondly when you are not interested in doing it. Again, a work becomes uninteresting due to two reasons: When you do not have curiosity in it and when you have more luring and tempting interests by the side of it.

These tempting interests are called adrenaline releasing habits that include TV, chatting, cell phone etc. A cricketer chooses his profession and practices for six hours a day, may it be a chilly winter morning or sunny summer afternoon.

A musician forgets outside world as he gets engrossed in his work. They selected their interests to become professionals in those fields. Then what is the profession that you have selected? Is it not studies? Who thrust it on you?

A father scolded his son for faring poorly in his exams. The frustrated boy left his home, missed his way and went into a forest. A devil took him to its palace and said, “I am giving you two options. We chat, gossip, play together for 10 years and then I disappear with this palace. You have to lead an average and dejected life till you die. Second option is that you learn for 10 years how to live in these woods and once you master it, you would be very comfortable leading a luxurious life for next 50 years. Which one do you prefer?” Without a second thought the boy replied that he would opt for the second choice. While dropping him back at his house it said, “Apply this to your studies too.”


You are in a 100-storied building with two glass balls. If you throw the ball out, it will never break, if the floor number is less than X, and it will “always” break if the floor number is “equal to or greater than” X. Assuming that you can reuse the unbroken balls, find X in the minimum number of throws. Email me the answer and basing on brevity and expression, three winners would be awarded with a book.

Yandamoori Veerendranath

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