Rejuvenating the ‘Gen–X’


Transition from school to college life, a crucial period

“Discovering oneself” is the trend going on with teenagers of the 21st century. Let us find out more…

Sandeep, a Class 12 student, is supposed to do his further studies abroad. But he is in no hurry. According to him he wants to take a one-year recreational break and then continue with his plans.

He believes that this break will give him space and time to rejuvenate his spirits and life skills to help him face the challenges ahead. It seems like the students of ‘Generation X’ have matured beyond their ages. Career planning, choice of subjects, handling finances… all seems to be easy accomplishments for them.

The transition from school to college is a very important phase in a student’s life. It all goes so fast that the students are not able to handle the new challenges life throws at them. Secondly, after 13 years of continuous studies during school, almost 90 per cent of the students are drained of motivation and need a definite change.

So, have we Indians gladly copied this latest trend from our western counterparts? Students take a break and set out to achieve what they never thought they could do in their school or even college life. The ones who have an interest in Indian culture set out on their mission. A few social welfare minded people join hands with NGOs and are happy to work at ground levels. A few go seeking fulfilment of musical interests with intensity.


Every coin has two faces. The major problem is that though the students are very much eager to follow this new concept, the college management and the parents haven’t welcomed the decision with open arms…they are in fact apprehensive and downright disapproving towards this concept.

The thought of their children dropping one year without doing anything substantial gives sleepless nights to the parents. Psychologists believe that recreation is something that is very important now-a-days. Times have changed and a student faces much more problems than his predecessors, so this period of rest is very much important.

(The author is a student of M.S. Ramaiah College of Hotel Management)

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